Intrepid travelers walk the Polk Memorial Gardens.  Columbia
The fellowship begins the journey.  Columbia, TN
The happy hiker.  Columbia, TN
Ruins along the trail.  Columbia, TN
Very good advice.  Columbia, TN
Where the trail ends.  Columbia, TN
St. Matthew, ever vigilant.  Columbia, TN
A wind-tossed flag argues for peace at the Polk Memorial Gardens.  Columbia, TN.
Swans enjoying the late Tennessee fall in Polk Memorial Gardens.  Columbia, TN.
Now that's the right idea.  Columbia, TN
Maury County Republican Party HQ.  Columbia, TN.
Shuttered windows downtown.  Columbia, TN.
Antique Remington Typewriter in a downtown storefront (not for sale, sadly).  Columbia, TN.
My Bell & Howell all-weather 8mm camera, found in a thrift store.  Columbia, TN.
The storied Sun Studio.  Memphis, TN.
The Memphis Trolley riverfront line cuts through downtown.  Memphis, TN.
Hoping to make it to Ponchatula--and hoping Ponchatula is above water--as the low fuel light menaces.  Outside New Orleans, LA
The Lake Ponchartrain Causeway, just after Hurricane Isaac.  New Orleans, LA.
Hurricane Isaac puts the lake in Lakefront Airport.  New Orleans, LA
Our entry into New Orleans just after Hurricane Isaac.  New Orleans, LA
The founder of the Miss America Pageant perpetually proferring the crown.  Atlantic City, NJ.
Monopoly's famous Atlantic Avenue, a photo taken for my Monopoly-loving friend back home.  Atlantic City, NJ.
My train arrives.  Atlantic City, NJ.
Classic advertising at the beach.  Cape May, NJ.
Rita enjoying the summer night air.  Cape May, NJ.
Bustling koi pond.  Cape May, NJ.
Entrance to the beach.  Cape May, NJ.
The George Washington Bridge, monstrous through the fog.  New York City, NY
Silhouette skyline.  DE.
Portland, Oregon welcomes you.  Portland, OR.
The Portland Convention Center, a pointy glass beast.  Portland, OR.
Sun rays between skyscrapers, just before dusk.  Portland, OR.
At Starbucks, the entreaties of a modern-day Jiminy Cricket.  Portland, OR
Late afternoon shadows stretch across the concrete.  Seattle, WA.
Beautiful neon at the Pike Place Market.  Seattle, WA.
The Nelson-Atkins Sculpture Garden, a very sweet juxtaposition of classic architecture and monumental pop sculpture.  Kansas City, MO.
Midwestern squareness.  Midwest, USA
My father, with robust and seasonal chest "hair."  Kenduskeag, ME.
My brother is an ace crocheter.  Kenduskeag, ME.
Ben, among the clouds.  Old Orchard Beach, ME.
Ben smiles, despite how cold the ocean is this time of year.  Old Orchard Beach, ME.
My best friend and Maine's finest beach.  Old Orchard Beach, ME.
Flouting the rules in two languages.  Old Orchard Beach, ME.
The L'Enfant Plaza metro entrance.  Washington, DC.
The mixed Greek architechture of the National Portrait Gallery.  Washington, DC.
Union Station's archways in the morning sun.  Washington, DC.
A great place for lunch outdoors:  the grand east entrance of the National Portrait Gallery.  Washington, DC.
Welcome to DC.  Someone is always watching.  Washington, DC.
Stormwater spout.  Washington, DC.
Reading Terminal Market, with too many cheese steak choices.  Philadelphia, PA.
Traffic at Philadelphia's Union Station.  Philadelphia, PA
Union Station's Corinthian colonnade.  Philadelphia, PA.
Train platform.  Philadelphia, PA.
David watches as the space shuttle makes its final victory lap.  Arlington, VA.
Might on a small scale.  Manassas, VA
Cap'n Rick.  Annapolis, MD.
At home on the water.  Edgewater, MD
Cutting our way through the bay.  Edgewater, MD
Sailboats near the harbor.  Annapolis, MD
A sun on the pier kind of day.  Kent Island, MD
Coach watches over his team.  Annapolis, MD.
Through the fence.  Annapolis, MD.
The cherry tree in my front yard.  Millersville
My turn to break.  Annapolis, MD
Stolen moments on the MARC train.  MD>DC
Stairway to the heavens (or to second-level parking).  Owings Mills, MD
Classic Baltimore.  Baltimore, MD.
Antiques in detail.  Annapolis, MD
The color of sky.  USA.
More good advice from signs.  USA.
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